Alan Johnson Shirt & Letter

Courtesy of Martin Blow and Alan Johnson (another one)

Here’s the write up from Alan Johnson (not the player) as promised and attached pictures for the museum:-

Imagine being a young boy following the Imps every week and then the club signs a player with your exact name (even left footed as well!).

I was lucky enough for that to happen to me. We got to know Alan a little after introducing ourselves on a matchday and my Dad decided to sponsor his kit. 

This home shirt is the one he wore in the season he joined (1993-94). 

You will also see an accompanying letter he wrote in response to us when John Beck let him go. A real unique piece of memorabilia, an insight into a player’s mind and a real (largely) pre-Internet ‘of the time’ piece. He was a bit of a brute on the pitch, but a true gentleman off it.