A Day at Burnley 2016-7

Donated by Alan Johnson

My wife and I have been together for 17 years. She and her family are all Burnley born and bred, whilst mine are all Lincoln so this was a fixture our families had waited years for!

This explains the half and half scarf purchase. I know they’re much-maligned,  but our daughter who was 10 at the time has always considered herself half Lincoln, half Burnley so this was a gift for her!  

Despite the four division gap I knew we’d win. We had to! On a personal level I was very lucky. I worked for the Echo that day providing live coverage on social media and got to interview the players (and Roger Bates!) on the pitch at the end in front of our celebrating fans, including my Dad amongst them. 

After I’d finished work duties I whipped off my coat to unveil my green City away shirt and made the short walk back to my in-laws’ house on the neighbouring Brunshaw estate, where we were staying and indeed, spend a lot of time. Surprisingly I received no abuse on my way – though I think most of the town had gone into hiding!