Sun Soccer Cards 1978-9

Donated by Gary Hutchinson.

In 1978, a daily newspaper released a set of 1000 cards, their first such set for six years. It included international footballers, flags and domestic players, with four from Lincoln City. They were John Fleming, Mick Harford, Clive Wigginton and Dennis Leigh. The paper did not get the official rights for the set, so they commissioned an artist to sketch them, quickly by the looks of things. All information on the cards was correct up to November 1978. 

Elsewhere in the collection you could find past or future Imps John Deehan (Villa), Allan Clarke (Barnsley), Alan Buckley (Birmingham), Graham Watson (Cambridge), Steve Wicks (Chelsea), John Beck (Coventry), Steve Buckley (Derby), Mark Wallington (Leicester), Keith Oakes (Peterborough), Kevin Kilmore (Scunthorpe), Tommy Tynan (Sheff Weds), Phil Boersma (Swansea), Sam Ellis (Watford), Paul Brush (West Ham), Peter Daniel (Wolves) and Dixie McNeil (Wrexham).

Bob Latchford and Tony Woodcock also appeared in England colours.